Student Ambassador

Student Ambassador Program

This is a chance to become a Student Ambassador at Exploro.

This newly launched program is an opportunity you would not want to miss!

What does being a Student Ambassador mean?

-We request student representatives who can spread word about our GPS Bus monitoring system (Exploro).

-If any of the schools you connect us with, enroll with Exploro, you will be recognized as the Student Ambassador for that school.

How can you spread the word?

-Contact a student committee head, school head, school faculty or a relevant member of school committee.

-Use your Writing / Networking skills to share news about Exploro with other students in the form of forwarded mails, social media posts or classic word-of-mouth techniques.

What do you gain from the campaign?

-Recognition from Exploro

-An achievement to add to your résumé

-With Exploro providing the app free for the first 100 schools, the savings can be invested in better infrastructure or additional trips at your school.

-Guaranteed exciting prizes from Exploro, starting with an -Amazon Gift Card worth minimum INR 1,000.

What does the School gain from the system?

-A GPS Bus monitoring system, which is free of cost for the entire year.

-Satisfied students and parents, who can now see the location of buses on their smartphones.


* This program is not limited to school students.

* Anyone can become the student ambassador as long as they are the source of connection to the school for Exploro.

What is the Enrollment process?

E-Mail the following details at,

Your Name-

Your contact number-

Your Email id-

Name of School / College, you want to connect-

*Let us know if you have any queries at